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3 Tips to Pass a Practical Test

For every person who passes a practical test with ease, there are possibly two that failed. While many of us might think that a practical test is simple, easy, and impossible to fail, there are more people who don’t pass compared to those who actually do make it through. This is mostly because of nerves, […]

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A Checklist To Review Your Driving Before A Practical Test

Most aspiring drivers who are not yet licensed tend to overlook certain key elements of driving. When one is excited with the progress, it is easy to focus on the positives or the skills acquired than the areas of contention. There are many aspects of driving that can be quite challenging, even for those who […]

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The Ideal Approach To Prepare For A Practical Driving Test

You can wake up one fine day and decide to sign up for a practical driving test. Some people are compelled to do so when they have to urgently get their driver’s license. But that is not the ideal approach. You should plan well in advance and prepare yourself. You must be psychologically and physically […]

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Perfect The Basics Before Even Thinking Of A Practical Test

Many aspiring drivers are more interested in getting the license to drive instead of perfecting their driving skills. Very few drivers can become experts overnight but the quest for perfection should not be abandoned. It is necessary that you hone your skills and get better with every passing day. Nothing but experience will perfect your […]

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Focus On Your Shortcomings & Overcome Them Before A Practical Test

Most people learn driving to have some fun, to be independent and there is always that little secret to plan a road trip, to indulge in a bit of racing and the long romantic drive. Since the focus is mostly on fun and associated emotions, not many learners focus on what really matters. It is […]

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Four Lessons To Remember During A Practical Driving Test In UK

Whether you are confident during a practical driving test in UK or not will depend a lot on your practice. If you have indulged in substantial and challenging practice sessions, then you will be calm, composed and ooze confidence during the practical driving test in UK. The examiners can spot that. Likewise, the examiners can […]

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A Practical Guide To Pass The Practical Test

You would get a ton of advice from everyone you know or ask before you sign up for a practical test. You would also get an endless supply of information online. You should not reject all the advice and information you get. There are some very helpful resources online and most of the recommendations of […]

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Practical Driving Test Dos & Don’ts

Whether it is a theory test or a practical driving test, there are best practices and certain don’ts that you must always adhere to. If you wish to sail through the practical driving test, with confidence and without any errors whatsoever, then you have to be at your best. One error during the practical driving […]

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Getting Through Your Practical Test UK

Your Practical Test UK can be an enormously positive experience. A good way to ensure that it is indeed the best experience possible is to prepare. While there is indeed such a thing as over-preparing, you really don’t need to worry about that too much with this Practical Test. Study and prepare as much as […]

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Practical Test UK Tips

When it comes to passing your Practical Test UK, there are several things you want to understand. However, the most important thing you want to keep in mind is that you are going to want to relax. Make sure you get plenty of rest before your test. Make sure you have carefully reviewed all of […]

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